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The Collab Lab Team 15 Wrap up - December, 2 2020

The Collab Lab is a volunteer driven non-profit, which exists to help early-career developers gain their footholds in tech by providing real-world experience working on software teams. I summarise the highlights and achievements of TCL 15.

What is Computer Programming? Defining Software Development. - April, 16 2020

For this article, I wanted to put together a comprehensive introduction to what computer programming and software development is for beginners. I cover what are computer programming languages and how they've evolved over time. I discuss the subject of software and software development. I also look onto the current trends and the future of computer programming.

How to approach your first tech job fair - January, 24 2020

If you’re looking for your first role in tech, going to a tech job fair is a fantastic way to talk to companies directly. Networking at a job fair can be daunting and intimidating. I want to give some advice and actionable tips on how to make the most out of going to a job fair, and hopefully alleviate some fears you may have.

How I went from stay-at-home-mum to landing my first web developer job - October, 24 2019

The reason for this article is to inspire others from non-traditional backgrounds to learn how to code. That it is possible to transition into the tech industry. I want to share my experience and perspective. I also want to emphasise that it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were ups and downs, doubts and dark times.

MongoDB Local in London 2019 - September, 28 2019

I attended my first MongoDB in London on 25 September 2019. I first came across MongoDB while studying for my APIs and Microservices Certification with freeCodeCamp in the summer. This article is a quick overview of the sessions I attended.

How to Host your Static Website with AWS - A Beginner's Guide - August, 8 2019

This guide is aimed at complete beginners who want to host a static website (a site with fixed content) with AWS.

Fixing HTTPS on my WordPress site and making it secure - March, 14 2019

After encountering a problem securing my website using SSL, I put together a small guide on how I solved the issue.

How I went from stay-at-home mum to Front-end Web Developer - December, 14 2018

In this article I talk about learning to code with young children, and the challenges of juggling parenting and studying.

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